Friday, August 30, 2013

International Paper Courtland Mill Introduces Speakers Bureau Program

Program geared to educate civic and community organizations

The International Paper Courtland Mill today announced the introduction of a Speakers Bureau Program. The program, which provides speakers free of charge, is aimed at educating groups and individuals throughout Lawrence County and surrounding areas about the International Paper Courtland Mill – what it is and how it contributes to the economic impact of our region.

According to Laura Gipson, Mill Communications Manager, “The Speakers Bureau

Program will provide an ideal opportunity for the mill to reach groups throughout the area and ensure that they are aware not only of the mill’s operations but also of the mill’s longstanding history of supporting the community and the giving programs that are available for qualified applicants, such as schools and non-profits. We look forward to providing this service for the community.”

For more information about the International Paper Courtland Mill Speakers Bureau

Program, or to schedule a speaker, call 256-637-7374.

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