Monday, October 12, 2009

Brochure offers insight into Decatur history

Editorial, The Decatur Daily

Racial harmony requires mutual respect, and a brochure prepared by Peggy Towns and King’s Memorial United Methodist Church pastor the Rev. Wylheme Ragland is a great reminder of the contributions black Decatur residents have made in shaping this city.
The Decatur-Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau was wise to print copies of the brochure, which gives tourists and residents alike unique insight into Decatur history.
As Ms. Towns pointed out, the brochure accomplishes more than just educating whites and tourists. It also educates black residents of the enormous contributions, many of them unheralded, that blacks have made to the Decatur area.
From Decatur native Mae Jemison, an astronaut, to Amos McKinney, a Civil War soldier, blacks have helped create every aspect of the city. Slaves cut the stone pillars of Old State Bank, and Decatur Negro High hosted George Washington Carver.
Decatur’s history and present includes numerous blacks who served the community as lawyers, physicians, businessmen and officials.
Ms. Towns deserves our thanks for memorializing an important part of our city.

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