Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eighty-one Semi-Finalists Selected for Model Search!

At 12:01 a.m. September 1st, Julianne Lowman, Marketing Director for Decatur Parks & Recreation stared in disbelief at her computer screen. By the time the Point Mallard Model Search contest entry deadline arrived, the computer displayed nearly 1500 potential models. The contest, which began June 1st, allowed anyone to enter their child between the ages of 6 months and 13 years old to vie for a chance to be used in Point Mallard’s 2010 advertising campaign. Lowman knew she now needed to select 75 semi-finalists from this massive collection for an interview and photo session, then eventually narrow the field to twelve which include one grand prize winner. But for the time being, she simply clicked on page after page of adorable faces wondering how she would make such a decision.
“Selecting 75 kids from a field of nearly 1,500 was just so difficult. So, I added a few more. I felt I needed to see a few more of the children in person to make a better judgment as to their commercial abilities or potential, which is the reason the top seventy-five is now eighty-one.” Lowman says she will base her final decision on several factors; the child’s commercial appearance, personality, independence and ability to follow instructions. “It’s not about being cute, because they all are. It’s about being marketable based on the photos submitted. I wish I could have picked another one hundred!”
“Of course that is based on age, but there are just some kids and babies that are very good at posing regardless of age. I also try to keep kids in an environment they can relate to, then talk with them or photograph them while they play.”
The 1,469 contestants was narrowed to the following semi-finalists;
1. Alivia Thompson age 6 Months of Moulton
2. Natalee Jordan age 10 months of Decatur
3. Dalton Turley age 10 1/2 months of Toney
4. Rylan Chandler age 11 months of Pulaski, TN
5. Brenton Hines age 12 months of Lexington
6. Adley Willis age 13 months of Harvest
7. Jackson Crowder age 14 months of Huntsville
8. Cole Mullin age 16 months of Decatur
9. Campbell Click age 18 Months of Owens Cross Roads
10. Kyleigh Blackney age 20 months of Decatur
11. Amari Strawder age 21 months of Hartselle
12. Savannah Littrel age 2 of Athens
13. Alice Jinks age 2 of Athens
14. Halee Maddox age 2 of Albertville
15. Chaseton Jackson age 2 of Moulton
16. Trey Greenwell age 2 of Decatur
17. Kohl Oyervidez age 2 of Decatur
18. Aliyah Pacheco age 3 of Albertville
19. Kelly McGregor age 3 of Decatur
20. Allyson Barribeau age 3 of Madison
21. Xavier Carter age 3 of Huntsville
22. Tristan Day age 3 of Decatur
23. Carmen Williams age 3 of Muscle Shoals
24. Illora Goodwin age 3 of Hartselle
25. Kailyn Boman age 3 of Albertville
26. Jada Appleton age 3 of Trinity
27. Gavin Chambers age 3 of Pisgah
28. Nathan Necaise age 4 of Somerville
29. Josee B. Steelman age 4 of Huntsville
30. Kennedy Hawthorne age 4 of Huntsville
31. Sariah Maloney age 4 of Decatur
32. Tyus Smith age 4 of Hillsboro
33. Abigail Grimes age 4 of Trinity
34. Caitlin Kelly age 4 of Madison
35. Kyle Dodd age 4 ½ of Madison
36. Seth Coggins age 5 of Decatur
37. Skyler Cato age 5 of Decatur
38. Daniel Galyean age 5 of Huntsville
39. Tyler Palmer age 5 of Trinity
40. Cameron Filyaw age 5 of Madison
41. Samuel Wilson age 5 of Madison
42. Tyden Kortman age 5 of Elkmont
43. Brookelyn Soohoo age 5 of Huntsville
44. Sebastian Pendegraph age 5 of Trinity
45. Charlie Owens age 6 of Trinity
46. Lulu Boyle age 6 of Decatur
47. Halle Hilton age 6 of Trussville
48. TeAja Thompson age 6 of Madison
49. Libby Williams age 6 of Owens Cross Roads
50. Tatum Lee age 6 of Madison
51. Chandler Click age 7 of Owens Cross Roads
52. Logan Maloney age 7 of Decatur
53. Kayla Rodriguez age 8 of Harvest
54. Isabella Stephenson age 8 of Decatur
55. Dylan Brotherton age 8 of Madison
56. Jordan Hale age 8 of Hartselle
57. Dalton Gibson age 9 of Madison
58. Mally Green age 9 of Hartselle
59. Tori Argenti age 9 of Hartselle
60. Laken Hilton age 9 of Trussville
61. Ashley Lindley age 9 of Danville
62. Lakota Lopez age 10 of Athens
63. Ashlyn Wheat age 10 of Decatur
64. Cassandra Hargrove age 10 of Huntsville
65. Rachel Hardaker age 10 of Harvest
66. Morgan LeeAnn Sturgeon age 10 of Toney
67. McKenna Maloney age 10 of Decatur
68. Autumn Edmondson age 10 of Falkville
69. Brooklyn Sawyer age 11 of Decatur
70. John David Whitten age 11of Decatur
71. Sarah DeFalco age 11 of Madison
72. Jordan Nicole Sturgeon age 11 of Toney
73. Tatyana Jones age 12 of Decatur
74. Brylie Mason age 12 of Decatur
75. Jessi Schoel age 12 of Decatur
76. Selena Henderson age 12 of Madison
77. Chance Letson age 12 of Hazel green
78. Braxton Higdon age 12 of Decatur
79. Nathan Maloney age 12 of Decatur
80. Brittany Bell age 13 of Decatur
81. Kristina Chambers age 13 of Woodville
After an interview and photo session the field will be narrowed to twelve with one child being selected as the grand prize winner. The grand prize winner will be featured on an interstate billboard and in a television commercial for the park’s 40th Anniversary in 2010. All finalists will have the opportunity to be featured in fashion shows, brochures, flyers, internet ads and much more. The top twelve finalists including the Grand Prize winner will be announced with the unveiling of the 2010 Anniversary Calendar for Point Mallard in November.

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