Monday, May 8, 2017

What Decatur/Morgan County Means to Me Monday

It’s Monday again in Decatur and Morgan County. It is a new month, with a new beginning, new focus, and a fresh start. Sometimes, you just need a break.  Especially, this time of year. Spring brings visitors to Decatur and Morgan County for a variety of reasons.  For many,  Decatur-Morgan County is a destination for regional, national, and even international sports tournaments and events. For some, it is a weekend get-away or a summer bucket list destination. However, there are individuals that are lucky enough to call Decatur and Morgan County their home. Among those individuals is Peggy Towns, Author:  "Duty Driven.  The Plight of North Alabama's African Americans During the Civil War"
“It’s my hometown, where I was born and raised.  Decatur with its charming small town flare is a treasured gift of family, friends, and neighbors.  Growing up in Old Town, the city’s oldest neighborhood brings a great sense of pride for the community.  Today’s sports, social and cultural activities provide varied engaging opportunities; while learning activities offered for the young and old give a great source of enlightenment.
Decatur is a city of “discovery.”  Understanding our Cultural Heritage is important; from slavery to Civil War, with the organization of the first black regiment in the State of Alabama (106th United States Colored Troops).  From Reconstruction to the railroad, to the bustling Bank and Vine Street business districts; to a once thriving community of black professionals and ordinary people.  From Church history, to strolling in cemeteries, to watching the calming waves of the Tennessee River.  From a ride out in the country, to the joy of finding a piece of Decatur’s history that had long been forgotten.  Decatur is home.”
With every Monday comes a new beginning and a fresh start to make this week the best one yet. This Monday, take a look around. Take in the beauty around you. It’s easy to forget that we live in an area with so much history and culture. Discover something new about Decatur-Morgan County today and let us know what this area means to you.

History, and heritage videos, photographs, downloadable brochures and additional links of interest about the Decatur area are available at the Decatur-Morgan County Convention and Visitors Bureau website, Give us a call to help plan your next adventure!

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