Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dreams and Reality: The Artwork of Leslie Wood

Carnegie Visual Arts Center presents the exhibit Dreams and Reality: The Artwork of Leslie Wood on display June 24 - August 2, 2014. The multifaceted exhibit features paintings and sculptures, as well as metal jewelry and elaborate art journals by Huntsville, Alabama based artist Leslie Wood. Leslie shares via video her inspiration and process of art journaling.

Leslie has been dabbling in art ever since she can remember. She has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace
Engineering, but after working for a few years, decided to go back to college and take art classes.
She enrolled with the University of Alabama in Huntsville and studied photography, sculpture and
painting. She has expanded her creative skills with numerous master led classes and artist workshops.
Her work varies from mixed-media and art journaling to sculpture and jewelry making. She has
managed to combine her engineering and creative worlds together with mechanical references
throughout her art. Her art journaling has been published numerous times in Somerset Studio’s
magazine, ART Journaling, including two featured articles in 2012 and one in summer 2013.
Leslie’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows including the Monte Sano Art Festival,
Panoply, and at Lowe Mill. She teaches art journaling and jewelry making throughout the year at
various locations in the Huntsville area. For more images, see
Art Journaling Workshop

A workshop on art journaling will be offered at the The Carnegie, July 29, 30, & 31 from 6 – 8 PM
each evening. During the three-evening series of classes, mixed media artist and avid art journaler,
Leslie Wood, will help participants create their own works of self-expression through collage, mixed
media, and lettering. The instruction will include theme selection, techniques, and medium and
tool selection. All skill levels are welcome and supplies are included in the workshop fee of $105 per
person. Call 256-341-0562 to register or for additional information.
Artist Statement

“Dreams and Reality is a theme, not only in my art, but in life as well. I consider my engineering day
job my “reality” and my art my “dream.” I try and make sense of the two worlds by bringing in hints of
engineering references into my artwork. In my painting and journaling, I can explore the whimsical and
sad world of the Woodland Fairies, the darkness of the Red Girls or the silliness of monsters. In my jewelry, I can explore my mechanical influences through pieces such as my Shield Pendants. My art journaling plays a large role in my Dream and Reality world as well. Many of my paintings culminated from a dream or idea that originated in an art journal. The journals let me explore the boldness and craziness of art in a more intimate setting than on canvas. In a way, the journals are the dreams that become reality on canvas or in sculpture.

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