Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bass Tournament

By Paul Stackhouse, Outdoors, The Decatur Daily
On April 2-3, the Southern Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship will invade Decatur, Ingalls Harbor and Wheeler Lake. The first week in April is generally a great time to catch bass, but the lake can be extremely dangerous. Fluctuating water levels can have stumps being exposed out of the water one day and slightly submerged the next.

The Decatur Flats, where a lot of anglers will be casting during the tournament, is well-known as a great bass fishing area because of all the structure it holds. However, a major part of the structure is not going to be visible until you get close, even if it is only a few inches beneath the water.

Safety should be the biggest concern to all of the anglers and boat drivers because one accident can ruin a tournament, especially if there is an injury involved.

I feel quite certain that safety will be an issue at pre-tournament and pre-launch meetings

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